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Bio Bizz Bio-Heaven Organic Energy Fertilisers 5L


Product Description

BioHeaven is a organic energy fertiliser, its especially formulated to boost your plants by carefully selected organic stimulants and amino-acids. BioHeaven enhances utilisation and translocation of fertiliser blends and boosts up the anti-oxidant system of the plant, repairs cholorophyll and restimulates the plant.

NPK 0.91-0.18-0.24

Basically it enables fast and complete absorption of important nutrients is stimulated, it increases the chelate of essential macro and micro nutrients, helps your plant keep better humidity, which results in less humidity stress for the plant. it also stimulates the enzymatic activity, and allows an outstanding source of carbonic acid for micro-organisms in your earth but last but certainly not least Bioheaven improves the performance and quality of the crop, as well as the harvest. 

TIP: Bioheaven can be used during the entire duration of your grow and flowering cycles of your crops. Besides that, it can be used on every substrate, on coco and in hydrosystems too. 

Overall As you know i am a organic pioneer and find my thumbs twitching upwards towards the heavens, no pun intended!

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