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Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom for Rapid Vegetative Growth


Product Description

Iguana Juice Grow produced by Advanvced Nutrients is a 100% organic, one part grow nutrient, derived from Fish Meal, Yucca Extract, Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Extract and Brewer's Yeast. Packed full of essential nutrients to promote healthy roots and very rapid vegetative growth with strong sturdy stems. Iguana Juice Grow has been designed for use with all hydroponics and soil growing mediums. It works very well with all grow systems including Aeroponics, NFT, Flood and Drain and Drip Fed. After using Iguana Juice Grow for the vegetative stage, try out Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom for the flowering stage. Grow Systems, Grow Mediums and Accessories sold separately.

NPK 3-1-3

Tip: Always check PH after mixing nutrients as final solution may change PH levels.

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