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5L Plagron Bio Supermix 100% Organic Soil Natural Fertilizer


Product Description

5L Plagron Bio Supermix 100% Organic Soil Natural Fertilizer

Bio Supermix 5L is an exceptional natural fertiliser for your plants in soil. As food for your plants this mix is superior to most especially as it includes living fungi and bacteria, vitamins and minerals, trace elements, worm humus and even Guano Peru for optimal development of your plant. Bio Supermix provides a rich soil and increases resistance to most ailments. Bio Supermix contains all fertilisers in the optimal ratio whilst stimulating the life of your soil. Bio Supermix is derived from: Feather meal, bone meal, Guano Peru, rock phosphate, maerl, bentonite, basalt, seaweed meal, lava flour. A solution of organic NPK fertilizer (1-2-0) is also added. 1.2% total nitrogen (N), of which 1.2% organically bound nitrogen, 1,6% of water soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P 2 O 5), 0.35% water-soluble potassium oxide (K 2 O).

Tip: Potting usage: 25-50 litres of Bio Supermix per 1000 litres of potting soil.

Overall This mix is very good especially if you prefer quality end produce. Being 100% natural definitely raises the thumb up.

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