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1L Bio Genesis Liquid Sand - Organic resistance to environmental stress

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Product Description

Liquid Sand is a potassium silicate supplement with a high silicon:potassium ratio and a lower pH than comparable products on the market out there. This product from Green Air is an outstanding source of silicon for enhanced cell strength and plant growth.
Liquid Sand is designed to improve plant resistance to environmental stress such as heat and/or drought. To boost your plants immune system and provide it with resistance to built up salt and mineral toxicities. It keep your plants leaves erect for maximum light exposure resulting in increased photosynthesis and plant growth, prolonging bloom and delay to unwanted demise or death.
Liquid Sand contains no unwanted components like sodium and is formulated with a completely soluble and clean form of silicon. When used as part of a complete nutritional program, this crop management tool will improve quality and yield.

Tip: Although some say Silicon can be used throughout the cycle of your plants life, we recommend only throught vegatitive stages only.


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